A large number of people have contributed to the development of the Tellurium platform. Not all these contributors are listed below:

Jayit Biswas (Ratelaw database)

Kiri Choi (SEDML/COMBINE bindings, Spyder2 and Windows installer, Docs, Ratelaw database)

Wilbert Copeland (C API, Auto2000 debugging, refactoring libRoadrunner)

Caroline Cannistra (simpleSBML, libRoadRunner RK45, Docs)

Alex Darling (C API docs and testing)

Nasir Elmi (Stochastic test suite compliance)

Michal Galdzicki (Integrated suite, all-in-one installer, test suite);

Stanley Gu (SBML2Matlab and web interface);

Totte Karlsson (telPlugins, C# translation, C API, data fitting and bifurcation analysis);

Matthias König (SEDML, debugging, tutorial, libroadrunner, documentation and Linux support)

J Kyle Medley (Tellurium notebook front-end, Linux & Mac ports of major packages, libRoadRunner debugging and development, test suite, online build system, documentation, Tellurium IDE Network viewer)

Claire Samuels (Updates to C API, testing sensitviity calculations)

Herbert Sauro (PI, project founder, documentation, testing)

Andy Somogyi (libRoadRunner Python API and C++ API, LLVM backend)

Lucian Smith (Antimony and PhraSEDML development, test suite)

Kaylene Stocking (plotting facilities, additional examples, documentation)