1. Tellurium Tutorials
2. Testing Scripts


1. roadRunner Main Page
2. roadRunner Python API Documentation


1. Antimony Tutorial
2. Example Antimony Models
3. Antimony Documentation

Helper Packages

1. Parameter Scanning
2. Simple SBML – create SBML using a simple Python API


1. Python Tutorial
2. Learn Python Interactively

Spyder2 IDE

1. Using the Spyder2 IDE

Installing tellurium preamble

Installing tellurium will install Python 2.7.9, libroadrunner, antimony, matplotlib, NumPy, spyder2, and tellurium helper routines. Currently we can only guarantee success with Python 2.7.X. We do not support Python 3.3. We also only support 32-bit Python at present.

Brief description of Tellurium (packages):

  • Spyder2 is a very usable Python IDE (spyderlib)
  • libRoadRunner is the simulator that provides the SBML compliant simulator (roadrunner).
  • Antimony is a text based language to create and edit SBML models (antimony).
  • Tellurium helper scripts found in are utilities to make it easier to simulate, plot, and edit models (tellurium). They enable libRoadRunner and Antimony to work together. Its functions are loaded by the spyder2 startup script spyderlib\ It simply performs the command: from tellurium import * which loads easy to use functions.

(For advanced users NOTICE). Everything in tellurium is installed to: C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages the standard location for Python 2.7 on Windows. We will update this behavior to be a user choice as we improve the installer.